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What is DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is the nation’s No. 1 digital satellite entertainment service provider. Using the most advanced satellite technology, we deliver access to more than 250 channels of programming to homes and businesses.

The DIRECTV equipment consists of a satellite dish, a digital set-top receiver and a remote control. Our service offers an incredible selection of entertainment choices — all in digital-quality picture and sound.


How does DIRECTV compare to cable?

DIRECTV is the nation’s largest provider of satellite-delivered television programming, with more than 18 million subscribers. Why have so many people chosen DIRECTV for their television service instead of cable?

First, with DIRECTV you get more choice and quality for your entertainment dollar than you do with cable. Our CHOICE package gives you more than 140 digital channels. For the same price with cable, you’ll typically get 60-90 analog channels.

Second, with DIRECTV, all customers with accounts in good standing can order Pay Per View and automatically receive up to 50 XM Satellite Radio channels in their CHOICE base package. Cable customers with analog service may not have these options.

DIRECTV is famous for offering America’s favorite networks and an unrivaled lineup of sports programming, all delivered with the most advanced technology available. We have DVR and HD services, exciting new on-demand offerings, interactive program enhancements, and exclusive programming you can’t get if you have cable, like CD USA and the popular NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ (by subscription).

Perhaps most important, DIRECTV has had higher customer satisfaction ratings than cable nine years running. (Among the largest national cable & satellite TV providers. 2009 American Customer Satisfaction Index, University of Michigan Business School.)


Can I get DIRECTV® programming on more than one television set in my house?

Using separate DIRECTV Receivers for each of the TVs in your home gives you the flexibility of watching different programs on different television sets. There is an additional fee for your secondary and each additional receiver.


If I have more than one receiver, do I have to pay a full monthly subscription for each receiver?

No. DIRECTV allows you to connect more than one television in a single household to our services. The programming you request for the primary access card in your receiver is copied for all of the access cards in the other receivers and you are authorized to receive this same level of programming on these televisions.

When you receive programming on additional receivers, we verify that all of your receivers are continuously connected to the same land-based phone line. If we find that one of the receivers is not connected to the phone line, we will discontinue service to that receiver and you will need to call us to re-establish that service.


Can I change my DIRECTV programming once I have service?

Yes. You can call Digital Media at (800) 435-6618 to make changes. DIRECTV premium programming services are generally offered on a monthly basis. If you downgrade your premium programming options within 30 days of adding a new service to your account, you may be subject to a fee.


Can I control what my kids watch?

The Parental Controls feature, which is built into the equipment, lets you restrict access to movies based on the motion picture rating system. You can also add Pay Per View spending limits and block the viewing of entire channels. This is a great feature for parents who wish to control what their children watch.


Does DIRECTV offer local channels?

Yes, DIRECTV offers local channels in most major U.S. cities and their surrounding areas, always in digital quality.



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